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Synopsis Peacock Dance

Synopsis Peacock Dance

Tari Merak in West Java - History of Peacock Dance Pasundan actually comes from the earth in the 1950s when a kareografer named Raden Tjetjep Somantri Peacock Dance creates movement.
As the name implies Peacock Dance History of West Java is implentasi of peacock bird life. The main behavior when they want to lure male peacock peahen.
Movements that show off the beauty of the peacock tail feathers when they want to attract a peahen clearly illustrated in the Peacock Dance.
Costumes worn by the dancers in the show Dance History Merak in West Java. Color of the costumes worn by the dancers are usually in accordance with a pattern of peacock feathers.
In addition, dancer costume also comes with a pair of wings that mengimpletasikan form of peacock feathers that are being developed.
In West Java Peacock Dance History has undergone changes of movement created by Raden Tjetjep kareografi Somantri with the change made ​​by Dra. Irawati Durban Arjon.
Peacock Dance History does not just end there because in 1985 again revised Peacock Dance movement.
In the history of the show Dancing Peacock West Java usually displayed in pairs with each - each dancer cast as male or female peacock.
With the accompaniment of the song gising Tigers Ucul the dancers began moving his body like a graceful peacock movements are stocking charm.
Movements are graceful and dazzling peacock drawn from Merak Dance movements are full of joy and elegance.
So do not be surprised if the Peacock Dance is often used to greet the groom or as entertainment for guests in a wedding ceremony.
Moreover Peacock Dance also featured in many events - events both national and internasioan karen beauty Peacock Dance movement.

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