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For A Mother's Words | Aphorisms Make Mama |

to welcome Mother's Day this time I will give the words full of meaning for us, the following sentences with the theme "Mother We" of course everyone has different lives, and different story. which of course you feel the presence of a mother yourself, who do you think Mom? and what is being done to We Mother?Her mother is a figure that is present in our lives, the mother figure who took care of us from the womb, birth, and until we grow to this day, of course, Mother's services can not be taken into account, and therefore start from now ponder whether we already reply Capital services invaluable it? what a disappointment because we reply with our bad deeds? it all depends on your individual, still respect and serve to your mother,
Below I will give a little reflection on "the word for a mother please scrutinyA MOTHER who is only able to fully understand your hurt, Tell On him if it makes you feel relieved
While there dihidupmu A Mother masi then do not waste him, you will feel how precious hugs Mom if she Nothing
Start your morning with a smile on giving both your Parents, surely blessing be with you all day
In the quietness of the night MOTHER pray for you, that one day you become a role model for brother & sister "mu. Nite
Do not forget that YOU are the winner of one of the millions of cells that are competing to be the children of your father and mother
Love is an act that I never regret, (O. ˘) з ┌ ◦ ◦ ◦ ♥ Love U Mom
People who still love you and will pobud though often abused and yet the same dibahagiakan skali, just father and mother
If today you be useful for others it all Because your father and mother
Give your mom a smile, then it is the greatest gift that the mother received today :)
MOM speech sincere hope for you is that in the future he ye be Togak For Your Life and Others
love your girlfriend dri eye to heart. but mom loves you from the heart, uterus, and even since

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