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Meaning a friend

Companions. What is the meaning of a friendship?? Some say it was a friend of a friend who is really close to know little things about us. There is also a friend that if everywhere always together. But one of my friends told me, it was a friend of a friend in joy and sorrow, but know the limits to which a time when friends can be a problem, we should let him overcome his own problems in order that friends grow more mature and independent.
meaning according to my friend

Sometimes I casually mention, he was my best friend. But when asked about this was my best friend those related to family, education, etc., I was confused answer. From there I was thinking, what is my good friend? Do I deserve to be called best friends? Because I think a friend is someone who can see us from heart to heart, not because of looks, materials, background, education and others. Therefore I rarely ask anything that smells of privacy to my friends. I prefer the giver and the receiver input laments my friends. Not that I am a person who does not care and do not want to know, but I think friendship is not judged by how deeply we know the person's crap, but how deeply we understand the person. I've ngerasain bitterness of friendship when I told him my friend, it turns out he was just using what I have and others. When I'm falling, he just left because they feel there's nothing can be given by me.
There is a friend of mine texted me the statement, "I do not expect to be the most important person in your life, that demand is too great. I just hope someday if I heard the name, you would smile and say, he's my best friend. "Damn! It really penetrated my heart. That's the word I was looking for. I do not need anything statement. But when someone mentions my name, that's what I'll

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